The rise of the health-conscious consumer

Post-pandemic snacking: The Mindful Snacker view 

There is no denying that Covid has had a significant impact on consumer behaviour, thoughts, and habits. The world as we know it has changed and consumers are not only thinking and living differently but buying differently too. Furthermore, these changes that consumers have made are expected to stick post-pandemic.

When it comes to grocery buying, consumers are being conscious when it comes to their own personal consumption. Limiting food waste, being price sensitive and being mindful of what is healthy are three of the main factors that are being taken into consideration, now more than ever before.

Meal planning, snacking and the interest in trying new foods, are also other trends that are on the rise due to the direct impact of Covid-19.

One of the key trends in behavioural changes that has emerged as a direct impact of living through a pandemic is an increased awareness of health. It will come as no surprise to know that consumers are concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on not only their own health but that of their friends and family. As a consequence, this has promoted new buying behaviours and accelerated the ever-increasing focus on health and wellbeing.

When it comes to snacking in particular, purchase and consumption behaviours were impacted quite significantly during lockdown.

A recent study in 2020 by found that consumers were turning to snacks during the pandemic due to the mood-boosting effects and that two-thirds of people were snacking twice a day.

They did also report, however, that consumers are taking more interest in eating healthy snacks and that low sugar and low-fat attributes are what they look for when shopping for healthy alternatives. Not only that, but two in five people are now looking for healthy snacks all or most of the time.

In the same report, it identified that taste was a top priority for snackers and even those who snack healthy, deem taste to be a key factor.

It is clearly evident that the surge of the health-conscious consumer is on the rise. Our own research has identified that consumers are still unsure what classes as a healthy snack and that they are constantly investigating and searching for healthy snack options, ideas and recipes.

At Mindful Snacker, our passion is to make snacking a simple pleasure again. Snacking is one of life’s simple pleasures, but when trying to be more conscious of what exactly we are snacking on, it can become confusing. We truly believe that snacking should be a pleasure without guilt, consequence, and angst.

Everything we do is driven by the desire to create something truly delicious that the consumer can feel good about eating, without having to compromise on quality or taste to do so. We feel we are delivering products not only in a time when it is needed, but also when it is wanted.

We are currently working on some exciting product launches for 2021 and beyond that will be sure to change the future of snacking as we know it.

Watch this space!

Sources: – UK Consumer Snacking Industry Market Report 2020

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