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Mindful Snacker.

The home of disruptive snacking innovation.
We make snacking a simple pleasure again.

About Us.

We believe snacking should be one of life’s simple pleasures.

Our brands are truly innovative, delicious and better for you.

We’re working on some incredibly exciting launches for 2021 and beyond, that will change the future of snacking!

Watch this space.

Our Vision.

We believe snacking should be all about pleasure- not guilt, angst or consequence. We use cutting edge technology and ground-breaking cooking processes to develop and launch products that taste great (always) and are better for your health and wellbeing, the planet, or both.

We’re obsessed with taste- flavour, ingredients, texture, everything we do is driven by the desire to create something delicious that you can feel good about eating.

We believe we are the future of snacking.

Simply Roasted Crisps.

The best thing since sliced potatoes.

Simply roasted to give you a crisp that has everything you want – crunch, taste, satisfaction – and less of what you don’t – calories, fat, salt.

We only use the finest ingredients for our crisps. we simply take the best potatoes, grown locally, slice them thickly, keep the skin on, then rest them under a high heat until they’re roasted to a crunchy golden brown.

Simple pleasures made simple again.

Get in touch:

Nat Cooper
RTM/Trade Lead
+44 20 3883 9700

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